Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Theme Song Is One of Japan's Most Downloaded Tracks Ever

It is hard to overstate the popularity of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The hit series may have [...]

It is hard to overstate the popularity of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The hit series may have brought its manga to an end, but the title is thriving on the TV thanks to its anime. Now, a new report has confirmed Demon Slayer has broken history once again, and it is thanks to LiSA's theme song for the series.

After all, it is now amongst the top three most-downloaded songs in Japan. "Gurenge" is showing every modern anime how to create a banging opening, and LiSA is reaping the rewards for her work. According to Oricon (via ANN), the hit artist now holds the third most-downloaded single in all of Japan.

"Gurenge" beat out "Pretender" for the honor which HiGE DANdism released years ago. Demon Slayer's theme song has been downloaded just shy of 905,000 times which is impressive enough. When you consider the song's chart history, it is not surprising to hear about this honor. After all, it has been in the top ten for months now.

(Photo: Ufotable)

To be specific, Demon Slayer has been in the top ten charts for aa whopping 27 weeks straight. When you factor in the song's digital sales, "Gurenge" has charted for 44 weeks total since it was released back in April 2019.

Clearly, that is an insane record to have reached. Even LiSA is gobsmacked by the song's success which she owes to fans. After taking hitting this new record, the singer released a statement to fans thanking them and promising to release more great singles in the future.

Clearly, Oricon is loving the success of "Gurenge" and that goes double for Demon Slayer. The team behind the anime has been wowed by its global success, so the pressure is on for new content. The anime is expected to release a film later this year adapting the manga's Infinity Train arc, and its first trailer got fans wound up. Hopefully, LiSA will create a new bop for the series, but the question remains whether it could ever top "Gurenge".

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