Demon Slayer Ushers in the Summer with Cute Sketches

Demon Slayer has become one of the most popular anime franchises around, managing to overtake One Piece in overall sales when it comes to its manga, and while the second season has yet to be confirmed, a brand new sketch from the series ushers in summer! Though the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko may have ended as the manga delivered its final chapter, the anime probably has a few more season in the tank before it reaches the same conclusion as its source material. A sequel to the franchise hasn't been announced, but we're definitely crossing our fingers!

The story of Demon Slayer is a tear jerker, showing us the lives of Tanjiro, a young forest dweller, and his sister Nezuko as they are attacked by a powerful demon that kills most of their family and also unfortunately transforms young Nezuko into a demon herself. With Tanjiro joining the Demon Slayer Corps to avenge his lost family, as well as discover a cure for his sister's affliction, he meets plenty of other kooky characters and horrifying demons during his quest. With the first season of the anime bringing the story of Demon Slayer to a brand new audience, the studio Ufotable really hit pay dirt with their adaptation of this renowned story.

Demon Slayer shared these adorable sketches that show off members of the Corps that appeared later on in the first season, as well as our main protagonists who have been a big reason as to why so many viewers have fallen in love with the insanely popular franchise:


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