Demon Slayer Is Reportedly Eyeing a February Debut in the United States

If you have been paying attention to Demon Slayer, then you know the anime is on a hot streak like [...]

If you have been paying attention to Demon Slayer, then you know the anime is on a hot streak like none other. From the TV series to the movie, this franchise is earning money hand over fist. Of course, this means the anime's team is eager to bring Demon Slayer to theaters in the United States as its box office gross has made it number one in Japan. In fact, the movie is the top-grossing movie in all of Japan, and a new report is here which suggests Demon Slayer may hit theaters stateside in February.

The update went live late last night when AMC Theaters updated its page for DSTM... or Demon Slayer: The Movie. The film, which tracks at nearly two hours, had very little information on its landing page save for a new date. The website gave the feature a release Ono February 26, 2021. As you can imagine, this sent fans into a tizzy, but AMC has since altered the date.

Now? Well, it seems the date is very different. AMC Theaters suggests the move will debut on January 1, 1900. You know, as in over 120 years ago. Who would have thought?

At this point, no official release date has been given for Demon Slayer in the United States, but fans were promised an early 2021 premiere. Aniplex is no doubt eager to take the movie global following its unprecedented success in Japan. However, a February 2021 release would likely harm Demon Slayer's global gross given the state of COVID-19 in the United States.

According to the latest reports, the United States has topped 4,000+ daily deaths from the virus twice now. A total of 381,000 have died from COVID-19 with nearly 23 million having been infected. In the U.S. alone, the country's total cases make up nearly a fourth of cases globally, and the pandemic is only worsening. This means most theaters around the United States are closed, so it will be tough for most fans to see Demon Slayer even if they felt comfortable doing so.

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