Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Finale Teases Special Post-Show Footage

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is pushing on ahead with season two, and fans are delighted as always. After all, the show has amassed a huge fanbase since season one wrapped, and all eyes are on its upcoming Entertainment District arc. Still, the show's Mugen Train recap has a bit more to finish, but its finale will reportedly close with some special footage.

The report comes from a recent Demon Slayer promo overseas starring Rengoku, of course. It was there fans were told to anticipate the TV show's Mugen Train finale. The promo went on to share that the arc's final episode will end with post-show footage, so fans are already speculating what's to come.

At this point, there is no word on what the footage will entail, but the post-show event will run for five minutes. This means Demon Slayer fans could get brand-new Mugen Train footage from Ufotable or even a preview of the Entertainment District arc. Right now, fans are hoping the latter comes through, but fans aren't going to turn down more Mugen Train.

Just, be warned! If the special footage is tied to Mugen Train and Rengoku, the fandom is going to be unstable. The arc's take on Rengoku still has fans emotional, and any post-show scene starring the Hashira is going to send fans into a tizzy.

For now, fans can only wait until Mugen Train closes next week to see what the event is all about. It seems most likely the Entertainment District arc is going to be previewed, and Demon Slayer fans are very ready to see this story animated. So if you thought ratings for season two looked good so far, we've not seen anything yet! At this time, reports suggest the new season two arc will run a full cour, so there will be plenty of goodies for Demon Slayer fans to comb through next month!

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