Demon Slayer Shares New Tengen Sketch to Hype Season 2 Blu-ray

Demon Slayer's season two finale is bringing the story of the Entertainment District to a close, and while the Shonen franchise has yet to confirm what is next for the story of Tanjiro and his friends, the shonen series has revealed the artwork for the Blu-ray set. The Sound Hashira certainly made a name for himself during the battle against Gyutaro and Daki, but he suffered some serious injuries as a result, losing an arm and an eye in the process, and perhaps his life!

Though Tengen is easily one of the most powerful of the Hashira that we've seen in action so far, with Rengoku being the main ally of Tanjiro and friends during the events of the Mugen Train, he lost both an arm and an eye in the battle against Gyutaro. Getting a major assist from Tanjiro, Tengen was successful in claiming Gyutaro's head, with Inosuke and Zenitsu managing to simultaneously take the head of Daki at the same time. The latest episode didn't just end the major battle of the Entertainment District Arc, it ended in quite the flashy way with fans thinking it was one of the best installments of the anime's history.

The Official Twitter Account for Demon Slayer shared the new artwork by character designer Akira Matsushima and captures the flashy nature of the Sound Hashira that was a definite departure from the more calm, even-tempered nature of the Flame Hashira known as Rengoku:

Currently, Ufotable has yet to announce when and/or how Demon Slayer's anime will be making a comeback, with the Mugen Train movie bringing in unprecedented profits as the number one anime movie of all time. Should Ufotable decide to move forward with a movie, we would imagine that it would be translated into the television series, which the Mugen Train had done prior to Tengen's arrival. For those who might be unaware, the manga came to a close a few years back, ending the story of Tanjiro and company, but there are still plenty of stories that have yet to hit the screen.

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