Demon Slayer Shows Off One of Tanjiro's Best Fights Yet

Demon Slayer is no stranger when it comes to epic battles. Even with one season under its belt, the show has wowed fans time and again with its animation. This was matched in theaters when Mugen Train made its debut, and season two promised to live up to fans' expectations when it dropped last year. And now, Tanjiro just pushed his limits to help Demon Slayer fulfill its vow.

The whole thing went down this week when Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba put out a new episode. It was there fans watched as Tanjiro continued his fight with Daki amidst the red light district. However, things got out of hand quickly after Daki massacred dozens of civilians. The dark moment left Tanjiro teetering on the edge, and his rage prompted him to unlock a power unlike any we've seen before.

If you have seen the new Demon Slayer episode, you will know Tanjiro goes after Daki with renewed vigor after she attacks the town. He is even able to use Hinokami Kagura: Burning Bones, Summer Sun against the demon as his rage fuels his body temperature. The wild move ends up doing serious damage to Daki, and things only get wilder from there.

All of the effort Tanjiro exerts ends up bloodying his eye, giving him a truly horrifying look. He goes on to use his fire breathing to annihilate every single one of Daki's sashes, but he cannot land the final blow. His injuries catch up with Tanjiro before he can kill Daki, so it falls to Nezuko to fight the vixen next.

Clearly, Demon Slayer popped off with this fight, and ufotable did it complete justice with its gorgeous animation. From here on out, season two promises to be a wild adventure, so fans can expect more of these moments to pop up. So if you thought Tanjiro had peaked for the season, well – you can think again. 

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