Demon Slayer Hints At The Trick to Defeating Gyutaro

Demon Slayer has introduced one of its creepiest villains to date in the top-tier demon known as Gyutaro, who has a twisted relationship with Daki, the supernatural threat that nearly killed Tanjiro and Nezuko in previous episodes. With Tengen Uzui the Sound Hashira facing down Gyutaro, the high ranking member of the Demon Slayer Corps has realized what trick he needs to employ to defeat the demonic siblings, but its not going to be easy.   

Gyutaro first appeared by healing his sister from a wound that otherwise would have killed even the strongest of demons, rejoining her head to her shoulders and revealing to Tengen that the two share the same body as top-tier demons. With the anemic new demon having the power to create a "Blood Demon Art," which grants him control over his own blood and form it into weapons, the Sound Hashira is pushed against the wall as he attempts to figure out the best way to combat these demons, following Tanjiro managing to hold back his sister from causing even more problems in her wild demon form.

Thinking on the situation quickly, Tengen is able to determine that the way to beat both Gyutaro and Daki would be to decapitate them both at the exact same time, which is easier said than done considering Daki appears to pale in comparison to her brother when it comes to sheer strength. Tengen gaining the level of Hashira makes him one of the most powerful members of the Demon Slayer Corps but he still has an uphill battle to winning this wild battle.

Demon Slayer's second season began by retelling the story of the Mugen Train Arc, which unfortunately saw the death of Rengoku and set Tanjiro and his friends on a path to learn more about the mythical art known as Sun Breathing. With Tanjiro nearly killing Daki on his own thanks to his inner strength, it will be interesting to see how the young members of the Corps are able to assist the Sound Hashira as the Entertainment District Arc continues.

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