Demon Slayer Unleashes Nezuko's Berserk Power

The Demon Slayer Corps is in full effect thanks to the events of the Entertainment District Arc, and the latest episodes of the anime's second season has shown a new side to Nezuko and the terrifying power she has been hiding within. Featuring a one-on-one fight between Tanjiro's sister and the villainous Daki, the abilities of Nezuko put her on the same playing field as some of the top-tier demons and might be an ace in the hole for the heroes' future.   

Demons have proved to easily be the most terrifying creatures in the world created by Koyoharu Gotouge, with Daki not just displaying the powers that we've seen from the supernatural species, but also touting a magic belt that can be used for both offensive and defensive strategies. However, it seems that Daki's power was inferior to that of Nezuko, who was able to kick her way through the Entertainment District demon's assault, and nearly killed her in the process, going so far as to implant her foot into Daki's back. With this newfound ability came a heavy price for Nezuko, as the rest of the episode showed.

(Photo: Ufotable)

One of the major powers that Nezuko was able to demonstrate was that she wasn't just able to heal any wound in the blink of an eye, she was also able to survive having her head cut from her shoulders, as her blood was able to keep her extremities close to her body and save her life in the process. As mentioned earlier, Nezuko's power had a dark side wherein her demon half took over her mind and she tried to chow down on some humans that were witnessing the battle in terror.

Nezuko doesn't get the chance to finish off Daki, being restrained by her brother Tanjiro before she is able to do any damage to the innocent bystanders witnessing the demonic brawl. WIth Nezuko reverting back to the body she had when she was a baby, thanks to Tanjiro singing a lullaby to put her to sleep, it is yet to be seen if the demonic warrior will join the fight against Gyutaro. 

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