Demon Slayer Fan Borrows Zenitsu's Power in Viral Stunt Video

The story of Demon Slayer has become one of the most popular shonen series in existence, with Tanjiro putting together a team of allies that are assisting him in striking down the supernatural creatures that are stalking the night. Zenitsu just so happens to be one of Tanjiro's allies, with the swordsman only able to access his true power when he is unconscious, though one fan has managed to recreate one of the lightning warrior's agile movies while being wide awake.

Zenitsu is a rather unique character in the Shonen franchise that introduced us to the likes of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and more colorful characters. Being terrified of nearly everything while also constantly pursuing the opposite sex, Zenitsu has trained hard in the mastery of his lightning sword techniques, but can only truly access his full power when he is unconscious. Throughout the final battle against Gyutaro and Daki during the Entertainment District Arc in Demon Slayer's second season, Zenitsu was asleep throughout it but was still one of the most powerful swordsmen that the demonic siblings had faced to date. 

Reddit User XeahCeleste shared this beyond impressive stunt that sees the fan of Demon Slayer doing a mid-air flip that would even rival anything we've seen from Zenitsu in the Shonen series to date:

Imagine you're just walking by and come across a real life Zenitsu from KimetsuNoYaiba

The third season, unsurprisingly, has already been confirmed by the animation house responsible for Demon Slayer's television series, Ufotable, with the upcoming episodes set to dive into the Swordsmith Village Arc. Following the battle against Gyutaro and Daki, the young members of the Demon Slayer Corps will need to go through some serious rehab to get back to one hundred percent, but definitely expect Zenitsu to have a major role in the series moving forward.

Though the anime series will continue, the manga has already brought the story of Tanjiro and his friends to an end, leaving many Shonen fans to wonder how many more seasons, and/or movies, Demon Slayer will produce before the anime adaptation also comes to a close. 

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