Detective Conan Shocks Fans by Obliterating One of Its Top Ships

Sorry, Detective Conan fans - this romance is never going to set sail.

Detective Conan makes no apologies for how big it has become. Over the past decades, creator Gosho Aoyama has kept a tight vision for the series, and its thrilling tale has earned fans the world over. In Asia, Detective Conan has been a massive hit since day one, and the series is starting to get its due stateside. But for new fans, well – they are a little confused as to why Detective Conan diehards are irate over a recent ship sinking.

The whole thing came to light this year as Detective Conan put forward its 27th film. The feature is now screening in Japan and breaking box office records. Detective Conan: The Million-Dollar Pentagram puts Kaito and Conan to the test as sleuths. And before the movie ends, we learn one of the series' most popular ships has been incestual this whole time.

As it turns out, Kaito and Shinichi are related and rather closely. The two are first cousins as their fathers were actually twins. Separated from birth and adopted, the two men had families of their own. Kaito and Shinichi did not know about their familial tie until now, and as you can imagine, the fandom is quaking. The Kaishin ship is one of the biggest in Detective Conan, and some fans have been loyal to the ship for decades now.

When it comes to romances and ships, things are never easy with fans, but this Detective Conan reveal has caught the Internet by surprise. Kaishin is a pretty prevalent thing in the Detective Conan fanbase. Now, the community is reeling from the movie's reveal, and it is hard to fault the reaction.

If you are not familiar with Detective Conan, the series is ongoing both in print and on screen. You can watch much of the TV anime on Crunchyroll as well as Tube and Amazon Prime. So for those wanting to know more about thrilling anime, you can read its official synopsis below:

"Jimmy Kudo's the best detective on the beat, and his skills have earned him deadly enemies. When an assassination attempt transforms Jimmy into a little kid, he uses his new cover to track down his assailants as boy detective Conan Edogawa!"

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