New Digimon Adventure Promo Teases WereGarurumon's Debut

Digimon Adventure has been raising the stakes so far in the reboot series, and now a new promo for the next episode is teasing WereGarurumon's big debut. The DigiDestined have been a lot stronger in the new series than the original one from over 20 years ago, and the threats they are facing have been just as tough to overcome. This has been put to the test with the most recent episode that officially brought Ultimate Evolutions into the fold with Agumon's evolution to MetalGreymon. Now it seems like the trend will be continuing with Matt and Gabumon in the next.

This means that Gabumon will be reaching his WereGarurumon in a much earlier stage of his journey through the Digital World than in the original series. But at the same time, this debut also means that we are one step closer to seeing their Mega Evolutions as well as they continue to face even stronger Dark Digimon in the episodes to come. You can check out the promo for Episode 11 of the series below thanks to @Wikimon_news on Twitter.

Episode 11 of Digimon Adventure is titled "The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert, and the synopsis for it (as spotted @Wikimon_news as well) begins as such, "With their sights set on the Holy Digimon, two separate adventures begin for Taichi, Koshiro, and Mimi’s group, and Yamato, Sora, and Joe’s group. Yamato and co., who go to the desert region, rescue a group of small Digimon who are fleeing from a ferocious dark Digimon, Scorpiomon..."

The synopsis continues like so, "As they are fleeing, they head to Leomon, who faces off the dark Digimon. Sora, who couldn’t just abandon the Digimon, clashes with Yamato, who wants to hurry to the Holy Digimon, and ultimately, Yamato decides to go off on his own along with Gabumon. Yamato has a reason for wanting to hurry. But...!"

Are you excited to see WereGarurumon in Digimon Adventure's next episode? Do you think it will get any major changes in the rebooted take on the Ultimate? Is this an earlier than expected debut for Gabumon's Ultimate Evolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!