Digimon Adventure Surprises with MetalGreymon's Early Debut

Digimon Adventure has introduced a higher ceiling of power for the rebooted take on the [...]

Digimon Adventure has introduced a higher ceiling of power for the rebooted take on the DigiDestined, and there's no better example of this than with MetalGreymon making its Ultimate Evolution debut in the newest episode of the reboot series. In the original series, MetalGreymon's introduction to the series comes long into the second major arc of the anime in the battle against the boosted Etemon. To prove that the fights are much more intense this time around, Tai and the other DigiDestined kids already found themselves facing off against the Ultimate level threat, MetalTyranomon, as they are trying to escape death and destruction.

In the original series, Ultimate Evolution came about after the DigiDestined learned about the Crests and tapped into that spiritual power to help their partner reach the next level. But this time, the crests are built directly into the Digivices so now Tai and the others can access their stronger forms much faster. While this began with a surprising debut of Omnimon long before we got to even see their Champion evolutions, now Ultimates are joining the fray much sooner.

Episode 10 of the series continues MetalTyranomon's attacks as it not has pinned down the DigiDestined. Trying to buy the others time to get away, Tai and Greymon attack the monster directly. They're knocked back and forth several times, but when they refuse to give up (and unleash their courage) Tai's Digivice begins to glow and Greymon is able to reach his next level with the debut of MetalGreymon.

What's most intriguing about the Ultimate Evolutions coming so early to the reboot series is that it makes the new version of Devimon that much more frightening. If this new Devimon (who is a Champion level, usually) can command Ultimate level monsters to do his bidding, then he will presumably be able to fight off all of these Ultimate level DigiDestined with ease. So what's it really going to take to bring him down?

What did you think of MetalGreymon's big debut in the Digimon Adventure reboot? Did you expect to see Ultimate Evolutions ten episodes into the new series? How far do you think Tai and Agumon can go from here now that they have already tapped into their Ultimate form? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!