Digimon Adventure Shares Unexpectedly Brutal Death Scene

Digimon Adventure's newest episode took the first steps into the real battle against the Dark Digimon, and it resulted in one unexpectedly brutal death scene by the end of it. Fans who watched the original anime from over 20 years ago might recognize that the stakes are much higher this time around as the new version of the DigiDestined seem to be a lot stronger right out of the gate. This has resulted in stronger threats, and there is no better example of how things have changed for the reboot than with Ogremon.

Ogremon was one of the classic villains in the first arc of the original Digimon Adventure series, but throughout the course of the series we saw a different side of Devimon's right hand monster. Although he seemed driven only by dark desires at first, he soon revealed an honorable rivalry with Leomon. This honorable side is brought back in the reboot series as Ogremon sacrificed himself for the DigiDestined in Episode 9 of the series.

When the Ultimate level Digimon, MetalTyranomon, attacks Ogremon carves out a path of escape for the children. This is all before Ogremon then turns to the Ultimate level threat and charges up his special move to its max level. Then jumping at DarkTyranomon, he and the new villain are covered in a blinding explosion that completely erases Ogremon from the digital world.

This calls back to the original take of Ogremon that ended up realizing that he wasn't just straight up evil, but had a set of goals and morals all his own. It's the same with this new version as after a loss to Greymon in a previous episode, Ogremon had wanted to challenge Greymon to a rematch. He and Greymon enjoyed this fight to such an extent that Ogremon even got in the way of Devimon's minions that tried to interrupt their fight. It's here that Ogremon completely made a change for himself, and thus leads to his unexpected sacrifice. But what do you think?


Did you expect to see such a turn from Ogremon in Digimon Adventure's newest episode? Did you expect to see the monster sacrifice himself for the DigiDestined? How does it compare to the original Ogremon seen in the first anime series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!