Digimon Adventure Promo Shares First Look at Next Mega Evolution Debut

Digimon Adventure has shared the first look at the next Mega Evolution debut with the promo for [...]

Digimon Adventure has shared the first look at the next Mega Evolution debut with the promo for the next episode of the series! The rebooted take on the series has reached its final arc as the DigiDestined have gone their separate ways in order to discover the secret behind each of their Crests, and with it has challenged each of them in a distinct way. As they prepare for the upcoming Great Catastrophe (which is the prophecized reason they are in the Digital World in the first place), we are getting some major evolutions at last.

Teased from the very beginning of the series was the promise that we'd get to see the DigiDestined's partners reach their Mega Evolution levels in the TV series for the first time, the latest string of episodes have finally made good on that promise with some key debuts. Now the next episode is teasing the next arrival as Mimi Tachikawa and Palmon will be getting to their Mega Evolution level. Check out the promo for Episode 55 below as shared by @Wikimon_news on Twitter:

Episode 55 of Digimon Adventure is titled "The Digimon School Under Attack," and while it seems like it's going to be another episodic adventure, we actually get our first look at Rosemon -- Palmon's Mega Evolution that first debuted in the anime during the Digimon Adventure sequels like Digimon Adventure tri. So this reboot will be the first time we see this particular Mega in the anime series. The synopsis teases how this comes to be in the episode as such:

"Mimi and Palmon return home to the Tanemon village where they first spent time together in the Digital World. However, a Digimon school had been established there before they knew it. Having been convinced by Babamon, who claims to be the principal, Mimi and Palmon try to enroll at the school. However, due to a series of extremely hard classes, they become completely exhausted. Although they think about whether to leave or not, they gradually realize that there is a reason for Babamon's strict instructions. During that time, BanchoMamemon, who dropped out of school after causing trouble, comes to 'settle the score,' accompanied by his minions."

Are you excited to see Rosemon make its debut in the new Digimon Adventure anime series? What have you thought about the reboot series so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!