Digimon Adventure Brings SPOILER Back to Life

Digimon Adventure has brought a surprising ally back to life with the newest episode of the [...]

Digimon Adventure has brought a surprising ally back to life with the newest episode of the series! The reboot series has now reached its final arc as Tai and the other DigiDestined have spread out through the Digital World in search of finding out the truth behind their respective crests and stop the upcoming "Great Catastrophe." As this final arc sees Tai and Agumon heading to a strange desert in the newest episode, the two of them come across an unfamiliar yet familiar face as it's soon revealed that one fallen ally has seemingly returned to life.

The newest episode of the series has Tai and Agumon face off against a strange and violent Digimon in the desert, Rebellimon, as they try and defend a Cutemon that's in danger. But as the episode continues and they fight more with Rebellimon and see this vagrant Digimon's true character, the series begins to reveal (and technically not reveal) that Rebellimon is actually the Ogremon that died from MetalTyrannomon's attack early on in the series.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Tai Agumon Shocked
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Episode 54 of the series introduces the Ultimate Level Digimon, Rebellimon. As fans of the franchise now from the video game franchise, this is the next stage of evolution for Ogremon. But it's not outright stated in the series that this is an evolution of the same Ogremon that we had seen before. Instead, there were several smaller teases that alluded to this being the same one. The first came from when it and Greymon had clashed.

When their horns had struck one another, Greymon had a flashback to when it was fighting its rival Ogremon early on in the series as the two of them really enjoyed their fights with one another. But the biggest example comes toward the episode's end as Tai and Agumon ask where Rebellimon is headed, and it responds with a simple "Straight ahead." This is what Ogremon had said before it had sacrificed itself to buy the DigiDestined some time.

Tai and Agumon then wonder if this is actually Ogremon as the episode comes to an end, but hilariously say it couldn't be. As the episode ends, we get a glimpse of the same ring that Ogremon had on its horn that now belongs to Rebellimon. Fans of the franchise know that death is not the end for Digimon, but since that topic has yet to be broached in this new series, this is a fun confirmation but not that Ogremon is alive and well out there in the Digital World.

What did you think of Ogremon's "return" to Digimon Adventure? Are you happy to see that Ogremon's now living a new life on its own and still has the same core morality even in this new form? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!