Watch How Digimon Adventure's New WarGreymon Evolution Compares to the Original

One Digimon Adventure fan has thankfully put together a way to watch how the reboot's take on [...]

One Digimon Adventure fan has thankfully put together a way to watch how the reboot's take on WarGreymon's evolution sequence compares to the original. With the new series now thirty episodes deep as of this writing, Tai and Agumon have officially broken into the next territory as they have unlocked their Mega Evolution. Following a series of teases across the latest few episodes after the fight with Devimon, Tai and Agumon were able to build enough energy to get it to WarGreymon. This meant a whole new evolution sequence that's much different from the old one.

Digimon Adventure fan @joe4643 shared a helpful comparison of WarGreymon's evolution in the new series to the first one seen in the 1999 original series, and beyond the use of CG animation in the original, there are a few other notable shifts to the more action-packed take on the characters in the new series. Check it out for yourself and see the differences below:

WarGreymon's evolution sequence is by far from the only significant change the new Digimon Adventure series has made to the original anime. Not only is it running at a much faster, more aggressive pace than fans of the original series were used to, but there's a promise that we will be seeing all of the DigiDestined reach their Mega forms rather than just Agumon and Gabumon like in the original series.

Not only were the Mega level forms for the DigiDestined teased by the Holy Digimon flashback at the beginning of the series, but each of them also had their partners reach their Ultimate level evolutions fairly early on into the series' run. With the threats of this more aggressive Digital World still picking up with each new episode, there's a good chance that we'll be seeing the full line up of Mega evolutions before too long.

This also means that we're now in completely new territory without many comparisons to anchor to that first series. WarGreymon's debut represents the next step into this reboot era, and the unknown is far more exciting than before. But what do you think? Which of the two evolutions do you prefer now that you can see them right next to each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!