Digimon Adventure Shocks with MetalGreymon's Dark Evolution

Digimon Adventure has reached the climax of the fight against Devimon, and it shocked with [...]

Digimon Adventure has reached the climax of the fight against Devimon, and it shocked with MetalGreymon's dark evolution. The new series has been evolving in a much different way than the original series, so fans were curious as to how the fight with Devimon would end up. As it turns out, Devimon not only unlocked a powerful Ultimate evolution but made it to his Mega evolution level in the newest episode. Upon losing all hope in the face of Devimon's new Mega level power, Tai and MetalGreymon channeled their darkest feelings and went berserk.

Like how the original series saw Tai forcibly evolve Greymon into the darker SkullGreymon Ultimate evolution, the newest episode of the series saw the two of them push MetalGreymon into a new dark evolution. Although it's not named, it's clear that MetalGreymon briefly evolves into the Mega level Machinedramon for a brief time in order to match DoneDevimon's violent power.

When DoneDevimon is first unleashed, it's revealed to have two giant hands made out of miasma. One of them manages to strike both Tai and MetalGreymon, and this miasma is key to bringing them to that dark new level. Upon seeing Matt and WereGarurumon totally defeated by DoneDevimon and Takeru nearly destroyed by the Mega level threat, Tai and MetalGreymon give into their rage and channel a dark new aura.

This temporarily makes them stronger, but not strong enough however. Soon this goes to the next level when DoneDevimon eats Tai. This enrages MetalGreymon even more, and it channels that energy into a new evolution. This evolution is not stable, and its erratic attacks put Matt and Takeru in danger as well as it continues to launch laser blasts across the area.

This dark evolution has a brutal fight against DoneDevimon, and is almost defeated until Tokomon channels its own holy power and manages to reach Agumon's mind. Talking Agumon out of its rage, this resulting holy power blends with the dark evolution and temporarily unlocks Agumon's Mega form long enough to deal a final blow to DoneDevimon.

The stakes are even higher now that Tai and Agumon have broken the threshold to the Mega level on their own, but what do you think? How did you feel about MetalGreymon's dark evolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!