Digimon Adventure Debuts Agumon's Mega Evolution

Digimon Adventure has debuted Agumon's long awaited Mega Evolution in the newest episode! The [...]

Digimon Adventure has debuted Agumon's long awaited Mega Evolution in the newest episode! The rebooted anime series has seen many significant changes as to how the original series handled its evolutions, but one thing that remained the same was that fans were teased early on that Tai and Agumon would help one another reach a Mega Evolution form. The battles in the second arc of the new series have been more intense than ever as even more Mega level threats have started to pop up, but the newest episode of the series showed that Tai and Agumon are ready for this next level of fights.

Thirty episodes into its run, the new Digimon Adventure series has finally debuted Agumon's Mega Evolution. Following a series of teases in the previous few episodes, the battle got so fierce against an evolving Parrotmon that Tai and Agumon dug deep and finally summoned enough power to reach WarGreymon. This also came with a slick new evolution sequence that you can check out below thanks to @Wikimon_news on Twitter:

Rather than the "Warp" evolution seen in the original series, the new series offers a more naturalistic take on the Mega Evolution as it's MetalGreymon that directly evolves into WarGreymon. This isn't the only one of the noticeable changes made to the fan favorite Mega Evolution as WarGreymon seems significantly larger than it was in its original incarnation. Although the size of this Mega has fluctuated over the years, it's clear now that this newest version is bigger and stronger than ever.

Its demonstrated power has gotten a significant boost as well in order to contend with this stronger and more aggressive Digital World of the new Digimon Adventure series. With a single blast of its Gaia Force (or Nova Force, if you're attached to the classic English dub) attack, WarGreymon completely wipes out an entire army of enemy Digimon that had been giving them trouble throughout the rest of the episode.

What did you think of WarGreymon's big debut in Digimon Adventure's reboot series? How do you like it compared to the one seen in the original series? Excited to see more Mega Evolutions make their debut in the coming episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!