Digimon Reboot Releases New Trailer

Digimon Adventure will soon be undergoing a massive overhaul that will rejoin the 8 original [...]

Digimon Adventure will soon be undergoing a massive overhaul that will rejoin the 8 original DigiDestined. Rebooting the first season of the anime released over 20 years ago, Digimon Adventure: will feature much younger versions of the cast that we have seen grown up in Digimon Adventure tri and the recent Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna film in Japan. With the debut of this reboot coming in April as part of the Spring 2020 anime season in Japan, Toei Animation has dropped a fresh new trailer teasing much of what's to come from the new take on the franchise.

This newest trailer for Digimon Adventure: reveals more of what we saw with the first one. Not only do we get a fleshed out take on Tai and Agumon's first real battle in the Digital World, we also get a surprise appearance from Greymon. By the looks of things, this new rebooted take will be changing some other aspects of the series beyond just character designs with a new look for the Digivolutions.

Premiering in Japan on April 5th, an official English language release has been teased but not yet confirmed as to which of the current streaming platforms we will be able to see the new series on. But that's to be expected as many of the announcements for the Spring season have yet to be revealed, and potentially could be outright delayed if the coronavirus pandemic gets any worse.

Bringing the Digimon franchise into the present day, Digimon Adventure: is described as such, "2020 AD. Networks are now an integral part of human life. But humans are unaware that beyond the network an infinite world exists. The digital world. And the creatures called Digimon that live there... A large-scale network failure occurs in the Tokyo metropolitan area. A flickering signal or garbled screens are prevalent. The news report that it's cyber terrorism. The main character is Taichi Yagami, a fifth-grader living in a tower apartment near Tokyo.

He was home alone to prepare for the weekend summer camp. His mother and sister, Hikari, were on their way to Shibuya but got stuck on an affected train with failed breaks. Taichi hurries to Shibuya to help his mother and sister, but the moment he heads to the platform at the station- A mysterious phenomenon overtakes the 'DigiDestined,' transporting Taichi to the digital world! The children meet their partner Digimon and embark on an unknown "adventure!"

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