Dragon Ball: Goku Actor Weighs In on Infamous Super Saiyan 100 Theory

Dragon Ball fans know there are few things as good as a power boost. The anime has mastered the debut of new forms as heroes and villains alike shuffle through them at ease. Of course, none of these forms have been as popular as Super Saiyan, and the voice actor behind Goku has commented one a fabled theory about Super Saiyan 100.

And yes, I mean 100. Back in the day, fans of Dragon Ball were curious about what would come after Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3. It should come as no surprise that fan-art exploded during the heyday of Dragon Ball Z, and one artist brought Super Saiyan 100 to life. But it seems Sean Schemmel takes issue with the form since he has no idea how he would act it.

Taking to Twitter, the English dub star got fans buzzing when he commented on a meme regarding Super Saiyan 100. It was there the actor said he cannot figure out how he would act out the fan-form given how much he screams for Super Saiyan 3 already.

"I’m trying to figure out what i’d do with my voice for a super saiyan 100 form....i think i sense my vocal cords starting to bleed preemptively," Schemmel said.


Of course, you can see why the actor would have a hard time working out this performance. Voicing Goku at his base form is hard enough, and that is only compounded when he levels up. Every Dragon Ball power-up gets throatier as they grow in strength. By the time Goku achieved Super Saiyan 100, his yells would surely become supersonic at the minimum, so let's hope creator Akira Toriyama doesn't even make this legendary fan-form canon.

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