Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Makes Moro Stronger Than Ever

Dragon Ball has had some pesky villains over the years, and another has joined their ranks. The [...]

Dragon Ball has had some pesky villains over the years, and another has joined their ranks. The arrival of Dragon Ball Super introduces some intriguing baddies, but few of them were like those we met in Dragon Ball Z. That all changed when Moro arrived, and the magical villain was determined to destroy Universe 7 just to feed himself. And while Vegeta nearly took the ancient baddie out, the manga's latest cliffhanger ended with Moro become stronger than ever.

The situation began when Dragon Ball Super pitted Moro and Vegeta after the Saiyan learned a brand-new technique in Yardrat. The hero was able to separate Moro from most of the energy he absorbed which sucked away much of his power. Still, Moro was strong at his base level, and he was able to escape from Vegeta long enough to summon a last-minute save.

The end of chapter 61 ends with Moro back in peak form as he debuts a new form. It turns out the back saved a back-up copy of himself in the android Seven-Three. The minion was eaten by Moro so the baddie could absorb his energy, and it made him stronger than ever before.

Dragon Ball Super Moro
(Photo: Viz Media)

And why is that? Well, the absorption wasn't a simple data backup. When Moro consumed Seven-Three, he did more than just take back the copy he made of himself; He absorbed Seven-Three's abilities along with himself. Now, Moro is back to the peak state he was before Goku or Vegeta came back to Earth. And not only that but Moro can copy the abilities of any person he locks eyes with.

Clearly, the baddie has just turned things from bad to worse. Fans are not sure how Vegeta is going to be able to turn this around or even Goku for that matter. A team-up is the only thing that might stave the baddie off, so Dragon Ball Super has become a must-read for fans!

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