Dragon Ball Poster Imagines Bra's Super Saiyan Transformation

Dragon Ball likes to push its heroes to the limit before, and the franchise keeps adding fighters to its roster for testing. Time after time, Goku and Vegeta have pushed past their limits. Their kids have been forced to do the same, and now a new piece of fan-art imagines how Vegeta's daughter will fare in this realm.

Over on DeviantArt, the user Asura-00 got fans buzzing with their take on Bra. The artist decided it was time to adapt the Bra after the older heroine learned to go Super Saiyan like her father before her.

As you can see, the art shows Bra in a similar outfit to Caulifla thanks to her crop top and shorts. With her hair pulled back, Bra looks focused as she summons the power to go Super Saiyan. Clearly, this is not the first time Bra has taken on the form in this fan-canon, and netizens love how this piece looks.

Of course, the anime has never explored this kind of story with Bra before. The kid has never been pushed hard enough to go Super Saiyan before, but Pan has had more reason to fight. After all, her part in Dragon Ball GT made Pan fight alongside Goku at points, so it wouldn't hurt if the franchise gave Bra a spotlight like this.

Of course, the series has much bigger things in mind right now. Dragon Ball Super kicked off a new arc recently focused on Granolah, a survivor with a big grudge against Freeza and the Saiyan race. This story will further test Vegeta and Goku as another threat comes to Earth, so Bra can carry on her best baby life with Bulma through all of this.


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