Dragon Ball Super Teases the Extent of Vegeta's New Godly Power

Dragon Ball Super is teasing the extent of Vegeta's new godly power with its newest chapter! [...]

Dragon Ball Super is teasing the extent of Vegeta's new godly power with its newest chapter! During the fight with Planet Eater Moro, Vegeta expressed his frustration with attempting to seek power in the same ways as Goku did yet never yielded the same results. This started his journey to seeking power and techniques in a different way from his long time rival, and the newest chapters of the series have set this in stone as the two of them are now on two completely different and definitive paths to the godly realms of power.

With the previous chapter of the series seeing Vegeta potentially training under Beerus to learn the techniques and Hakai power the Gods of Destruction had used, and Goku dedicating himself how to master and upgrade his Ultra Instinct form, the newest chapter of the series is now teasing the extent of Vegeta's new godly powers the more he begins to train and master them.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Godly Power Tease Spoilers
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Chapter 70 of the series confirms that Vegeta is now learning how to use Hakai and the other God of Destruction techniques under Beerus' tutelage. He teaches Vegeta that the real energy of their techniques comes from the resulting energy released through their specific type of destruction, and it seems that this energy scales depending on the type of Hakai that is used in the moment.

The chapter sees him successfully use Hakai on a pebble sized stone, and the resulting shockwave sends a big burst of energy. This further confirms that this explosion scales with the actual size of the destroyed object itself, and this gives us an idea of the kind of godly power Vegeta will be able to wield once he's fully able to use Hakai on much bigger objects like he teases in this chapter.

Although Ultra Instinct is the ultimate technique of the gods, it seems like Vegeta has a real leg up on potential godly strength here as he'll be essentially able to bend and destroy matter at will in order to give himself energy to further use against his opponents. There's a good chance this path to strength has a very high ceiling, but what do you think?

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