Dragon Ball Welcomes an All-New Legendary Saiyan Form

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, then you know the franchise has a ton of forms under its belt. [...]

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, then you know the franchise has a ton of forms under its belt. The franchise has uncovered more than a dozen since it went live, and some of them enjoy life in the main series while others fall to the side. Of course, some of the story's non-canon forms are the best, and Dragon Ball Heroes wants to remind everyone of that. After all, the PR anime just welcomed a new form, and it pays homage to the Legendary Saiyans.

The whole thing came to light when Dragon Ball Heroes put out its most recent episode. It was there the PR anime saw Vegeta fight Cumber and Turles head-on. As we know, Cumber carried on with immense power as always, but Turles did undergo a transformation of sorts. The villain was able to combine the Evil Saiyan form with a Super Saiyan boost, and this left Turles as the Legendary Evil Saiyan.

The official character poster for Turles calls him as such, so this new form is officially in the books. It might not be canonical because of Dragon Ball Heroes, but it lives within the franchise. So if you thought Broly was the only legendary Saiyan, you can think again!

According to Dragon Ball, the Legendary Evil Saiyan form is reached when an Evil Saiyan levels up their power. Take for instance Cumber back in the day. Fans watched the Evil Saiyan go Super Saiyan and even Golden Great Ape while using the form. Now, Turles has done the same after eating from the Tree of Might. The boost makes Turles strong enough to give Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta trouble, but the hero isn't cornered for too long. After all, he finds his own evil form to adopt, and Vegeta rocks the sly transformation as well as his others! Turles better brace himself for a battle like none other, and if all goes well, Vegeta will walk away from the bout as the last Saiyan standing.

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