Dragon Ball Art Imagines Goku's Life on Planet Vegeta

If Goku hadn't hit his head within the first few days of arriving on Earth in the Shonen series of Dragon Ball, the Z-Fighters would have never assembled and most likely, the Earth would have been destroyed. Luckily for the world, Son did knock his head against a rock and thus became the lovable goofball whose Saiyan heritage still has him loving to fight at every opportunity. Now, one fan has imagined what Goku would have been like if he were given a proper Saiyan upbringing on the Planet Vegeta, which was destroyed by the alien despot Frieza.

While Goku will never be a hardened Saiyan warrior that cares nothing for the world at large, the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super's manga has taken the opportunity to explore the background of his father Bardock. While Bardock has had no problem in working for Frieza, it seems that Goku's dad was softened by the birth of his second son Goku, going so far as to save the young Cerelian named Granolah and his mother from the criminal organization known as the Heeters. With Goku recently learning the truth about his father, he has been able to realize that not every Saiyan warrior of the Planet Vegeta was a rampaging monster who sought only to fight.

Twitter Artist Goku Trash shared this fresh take on Son Goku, placing him into Saiyan armor that is identical to his brother's Raditz and imagining what the Z-Fighter might have looked like if the Planet Vegeta was never destroyed and he was raised by his parents Bardock and Gine:

A big mystery in the Dragon Ball franchise revolves around a Saiyan warrior that is the spitting image of Goku, Turles. First appearing in the third movie of Dragon Ball Z, Tree of Might, Turles appeared in a bid to absorb the power of the tree that would sap the planet Earth of its energy. Unfortunately, fans of the Shonen series have never had the opportunity to learn more of his origin, despite the fact that Turles has recently made appearances in the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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