Dragon Ball Key Art Reveals Turles' New Look

Super Dragon Ball Heroes hasn't been shy about bringing back heroes and villains from the past of the Shonen franchise, and it seems as though a Dragon Ball Z villain is getting something of an upgrade as Tree of Might's Turles' new look has been revealed. With the next episode of the spin-off anime series promising to pit the Saiyan Prince Vegeta against the tag-team of both Turles and the Evil Saiyan Cumber, it seems as though the former villain is going to have one of the biggest battles of his life on his hands in this next chapter.

Not much is known about the origin of Turles or why he is the spitting image of Son Goku, but his reliance on the fruit from the Tree of Might made him quite the threat to the Z Fighters during his first appearance during the third Dragon Ball Z movie. Turles himself has never been a part of the main continuity of the franchise, sticking to the films and spin-off series to threaten Goku and the Z Fighters from time to time. With this new look, it appears as if Turles is taking a page from the Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared this new look at Turles in the realm of Dragon Ball Heroes, which hints that more power is on the way for the villain who looks exactly like Son Goku and has a score to settle with Vegeta following their initial fight earlier in the series:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Space-Time War Arc is promising to bring back some major heroes and villains from the past of the Shonen franchise, with fans anticipating both Cell and Gohan making return appearances. With Goku and Vegeta battling against familiar foes, and making unexpected alliances, as a part of Fuu's new universe, there are sure to be more surprises as the spin-off series continues.


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