Dragon Ball Fan Brings Kami's Lookout to Life with LEGO

The world of Dragon Ball has seen a number of locales that have become some of the most [...]

The world of Dragon Ball has seen a number of locales that have become some of the most recognizable not just within the Shonen series, but within the medium of anime as a whole, and one fan has used the building set known as Legos to help in recreating Kami's Lookout, which first appeared in the original series. While the residence of the god of Earth might not be visited as much as it once was in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, it still holds a deep place within the lore of the Z Fighters and Goku specifically.

Currently, the original Kami is no longer the being in charge of the Lookout, having merged with Piccolo in order to help the Z Fighters in their battle against both the Androids and Cell during the Dragon Ball Z story arc. Following his departure from the throne, the young Namekian Dende, who was introduced during the Freeza Arc and hung around Gohan and Krillin throughout, took the reins and created new Dragon Balls following the acquisition of his new title. With Goku and Vegeta mostly training at the residence of Beerus and Whis, the Z Fighters will still visit the Lookout from time to time, mostly to either acquire senzu beans or use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get years of training over the course of a day.

Reddit User Groobar recreated the environment that was first introduced in the original Dragon Ball series and has continued to play a role throughout all the entries of the Shonen universe that was created by Akira Toriyama in the pages of Shonen Jump:

Dende has remained the god of Earth following the events of Dragon Ball Z, and the Earth's dragon balls have been used more times than we can count as the series has continued, but it will be interesting to see if the current Kami will remain on the throne for the foreseeable future. As Goku and Vegeta battle against the "strongest mortal in the universe," in Granolah, it will definitely be interesting to see how this battle changes the landscape of the Z Fighters moving forward.

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