Dragon Ball Super Drops Preview of Chapter 73

Dragon Ball Super is set to push forward this month with a new chapter, and the series has a [...]

Dragon Ball Super is set to push forward this month with a new chapter, and the series has a preview of the update at hand. As always, the manga released a promo of its new chapter as Dragon Ball Super began previewing these drafts some time ago. And as it turns out, this upcoming chapter is going to be an action-packed one!

The update went live this week when Dragon Ball Super updated its official website. It was there fans got a look at chapter 73 for themselves. As you can see, the chapter is titled "Goku vs Granolah" so you can expect a ton of fighting in this little installment.

As you can see above, this Dragon Ball Super sneak-peek goes light on the dialogue as none is found here. The promo puts its focus on the fight at hand as Goku and Granolah go head to head. As we figured, Granolah was taken back by how strong Goku is, but the opposite is just as true. Goku never thought Granolah would be this powerful, so their battle will be an interesting one.

After all, Granolah has already shocked Goku and Vegeta with his power. The sniper took both Saiyans by surprise after they arrived on Planet Cereal. Despite their crossed signals, Granolah is eager to take down the fighters given his grudge against the Saiyan race, but Goku isn't quite as keen. He may love fighting even for the heck of it, but Goku needs to know whether he's going up against a friend or foe. As it stands, Granolah is anything but an ally right now, but that might change once the Heeters' true nature comes to light.

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