Dragon Ball: Goku Celebrates COVID-19 Vaccines in Viral PSA

The vaccines for COVID-19 have continued to roll out around the world, and recently, a city in [...]

The vaccines for COVID-19 have continued to roll out around the world, and recently, a city in Massachusetts took the opportunity to incorporate the legendary Shonen franchise created by Akira Toriyama into their celebration by showing off Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan. The city of Somerville used Goku accessing the power of the Super Saiyan to help push the current campaign that is combating the coronavirus pandemic that has been ravaging the world for the better part of a year, which has caused a number of delays in the world of anime and manga.

Goku, luckily, hasn't had to actually deal with COVID-19 in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga or in any of its anime episodes, but he did have a deadly run-in with a heart disease that took place in the Android Saga. With the son of Vegeta, Trunks, traveling from the future to help the Z Fighters in their fights against both Freeza and the creations of the Red Ribbon Army's Dr. Gero, he also took the opportunity to attempt to save Goku from a mysterious disease. Though Son forgot to take the medicine that took him out of the fights for a brief period, he was eventually able to return to form, training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to assist his friends in the battle against Cell.

The City of Somerville shared this anime meme that uses Son Goku's most well-known transformation to help push COVID vaccines to those that are looking to combat the virus that has been ravaging the world at large for around a year, though unfortunately, the vaccine definitely will not transform folks into Super Saiyans:

Dragon Ball fans are waiting for any news on the return of the franchise's anime, which took a hiatus following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc. Though the anime might have been brought to a halt, the manga's story has continued with the Moro Arc recently ending and the Granolah The Survivor Arc beginning.

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