Dragon Ball: Goku's Voice Actress Endears Fans with Cute Video Message

Dragon Ball has fans on edge right now as the franchise has a manga update in store this March. As you can expect, all eyes are on the main series to see what goes down next in its new arc, but that is not all. Gamers got an update on Dragon Ball this past week, and it was there the voice actress for Goku hit up netizens with an adorable video message.

Taking to social media, Masako Nozawa earned the applause of fans when she shared a video message of herself. The actress filmed a short video greeting fans to the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour live stream, and the infectious actress said she was just as hyped as fans.

"I am looking forward to seeing some great battles," Nozawa said.

By the video's end, she decided to give a treat to listeners by switching to Goku's voice. The transition was seamless given how familiar Nozawa is with Goku. It was there she encouraged fans to watch the livestream, and let's be honest - who is going to say no to Goku?

"I'm getting excited," Goku says before adding, "Don't miss it!"


Clearly, Nozawa has not lost her touch as Goku, and that is no surprise. She has voiced the Saiyan since he was first brought to the screen decades ago. Sure, Dragon Ball Super may not be recording actively these days, but there are other projects to keep Nozawa entertained. And with videos like this around, she can keep a tab on Goku just about whenever she wants!

What do you think of this cute update from Nozawa? Who does your favorite dub of Goku in the Dragon Ball anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.