Dragon Ball Pits Goku and Vegeta in Battle in New Animated Teaser

Dragon Ball is pitting Goku and Vegeta against one another in battle once again in a special animated teaser! Bandai Namco recently celebrated all of the upcoming new expansions and releases for their collection of Dragon Ball video games with a major livestream event (known as the "Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour") that fans tuned into from across the world. Before kicking off all of the brand new announcements, the event debuted a slick animated teaser that saw Goku and Vegeta fighting once again. Given that this is the first real animated fight between the two in quite some time, it was a pretty special premiere.

The clip, which can be found below, is an explosive one from the start. The CG cell-shaded footage starts with Goku and Vegeta facing off in what appears to be a spar. Vegeta is quick to go on the offensive, but Goku matches with some seriously good defense.

As the reel goes on, fans are giving some nice shots as the Saiyans fight in slow motion and then some. This art style might be a tad unusual to some fans, but this clip is fluid enough to keep everything tight. As you can imagine, a lot of work went into making this new teaser just for the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour, and it is easy to see.

Of course, the fight just escalates more and more until things come to a head. The clip ends just after Goku and Vegeta power up into Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta throws out a Galick Gun while Goku whips out his trusty Kamehameha. The two attacks clash with epic color before the reel ends, so fans can decide who won for themselves. Most will say Goku took the victory home in the end, but if you think Vegeta deserves the win, then that is what the Saiyan will get!

What do you make of this new fight? Do you think this art style suits Dragon Ball or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.