Dragon Ball: Yes, Goku Did Fight Doraemon Back in the Day

Dragon Ball is a series that needs little introduction. Over the decades, the IP has become one of the biggest in Japan, and it has amassed a global fandom. These days, you can find Goku everywhere, and he's not the only anime icon with such clout. There are tons of other mascots, and yes – Goku really did pick a fight with Doraemon back in the day.

Seriously, it really did happen. Goku's voice actress Masako Nozawa brought the fight to television years ago on a variety program, and the star behind Doraemon was happy to play along.

Thanks to a resurfaced clip from Utabon, fans were reminded about the hilarious encounter this week on social media. The video is going viral once again as it shows Nozawa verbally sparring with actress Nobuyo Oyama. After all, the actress famously voiced Doraemon, and the cute cat has as much clout as Goku if not more so.

The back-and-forth is pretty hilarious, and you only have to close your eyes to imagine Goku and Doraemon arguing for real. If it came to trading blows, well – you can take bets with yourself as to how it would turn out. Doraemon can think on the fly, and we know the cat is craftier than most would expect. But in the end, a good strategy only goes so far against someone as strong as Goku.

But honestly? We'd like to think Goku and Doraemon would patch up this fight and become friends. Oyama and Nozawa seem to have nothing but respect for the other, after all. Plus, the latter star is tied to both roles. Before voicing Goku in Dragon Ball, Nozawa briefly voiced Doraemon in an anime before the series was canceled. So if anyone could sort out the characters' feud, it would be her!

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