Dragon Ball Z Art Gives Future Gohan a Cyberpunk Makeover

In the world of Dragon Ball, there are few characters harder than Future Gohan. The fighter saw things in his timeline that no one should, and his death remains one of the best in the series. Of course, there are plenty of fans who wish they had seen more of Future Gohan, so the Saiyan has quite the following. And now, one artist has put all eyes on Gohan thanks to their cyberpunk take on the fighter.

As you can see below, all the buzz is thanks to Hicham Habchi, an artist who has worked with everyone from Marvel to Blizzard and Riot Games. In the past year or so, the illustrator has done a number of fan-pieces for Dragon Ball, and they all given our heroes a tech makeover. So of course, Future Gohan was on everyone's must-see list.

Now, the concept piece is here, and it has netizens begging for another Future Gohan special. After all, this high-tech makeover gives Future Gohan some cybernetic stylings that we're obsessed with. For instance, remember the arm he lost in battle with the androids? Well, the limb has been replaced with a cyber prosthetic, and it comes courtesy of Capsule Corps.

With all his scars and weapons in tact, this take on Future Gohan makes the hero look more dangerous than ever. This isn't the face of someone you want to mess with, so you can only imagine how terrifying the androids would be in this cyberpunk world. This take on Gohan makes the Saiyan look invincible, but as we all know, there are some things in life even this warrior would lay down his life for.

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