Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals the Secret Behind Its New Universe

Dragon Ball has spent much of its tenure building up Universe 7, but the arrival of Dragon Ball [...]

Dragon Ball has spent much of its tenure building up Universe 7, but the arrival of Dragon Ball Super made sure to introduce fans to the multiverse. The franchise exists in a world where there are universes brushes up against one another, and fans have always been curious what would happen if another were to be made. Well, that idea is being explored in Dragon Ball Heroes right now, and its most recent episode revealed a curious secret about its brand-new universe.

The whole thing went live this week when a new episode of Dragon Ball Heroes went live. The update began the Space-Time War arc in full as Goku found himself trapped in a strange new universe. From the start, the Saiyan was attacked by Freeza and Cooler, but the battle led Future Trunks to a terrifying revelation before long.

dragon ball goku
(Photo: Bandai)

When a stray attack topples an empty building in this new universe, the same building in Universe 7 came tumbling down. Future Trunks is thrown back by the revelation as it implies this new universe and Universe 7 are connected somehow. Whatever Fu did to make this new universe did not work as planned, and its ties to Universe 7 can only mean bad things moving forward.

We can expect to learn more about this tie as the Space-and-Time War arc moves forward, and it will most definitely end with the universe going kaput. But if Dragon Ball is looking to shake things up, it might consider bringing this universal creation arc to the mainline story someday. It would give Zeno and the Grand Priest something fun to do for a change...!

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