Dragon Ball Hypes Goku Black And Ultra Instinct Goku Brawl

Super Dragon Ball Heroes might not be considered 'canon' when it comes to the universe created by [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes might not be considered "canon" when it comes to the universe created by Akira Toriyama, but it certainly has been able to give fans plenty of events and characters that they might have otherwise never seen otherwise, with the next episode of the series hyping a one-on-one fight between Goku in his Ultra Instinct Sign form and Goku Black. With the manga release for the Dragon Ball spin-off unveiling Goku Black's "Goku Elimination Plan", it seems as if the Space-Time War Arc isn't pulling any punches when it comes to throwing big threats at the Z Fighters.

The title for the upcoming release that is set to drop later this month on June 20th hypes the battle of the Gokus in "Super Saiyan Rose vs. Ultra Instinct! A Great Planet Shaking Battle," With Goku and Vegeta navigating their way through the new universe created by Fuu, the mad scientist from the Dark Demon Dimension whose power now rivals that of Vegito, it's clear that more than a few enemies will be returning to try to take down the Saiyans. Luckily for Goku, he's forged a new partnership with an unlikely combatant in Hearts, the former villain of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, who is also shown in the preview for the next entry of the "Big Bang Mission,"

Dragon Ball Heroes Goku
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The summary for Episode Four of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Space Time-War Arc reads as such:

"Vegeta has overwhelmed Cumber and Turles, however, the Masked Saiyan gets the better of Goku and company single-handedly. He then tries to destroy Planet Vegeta. In the midst of a planet-shaking duel, Goku and Co. are rescued by the "Ultimate Android" who has been brought back from hell!"

While many have been hyped for the return of Cell, one of the big selling points of this new spin-off arc, Dragon Ball fans might be surprised to see that the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero isn't attempting to exact revenge on the Z Fighters, but instead is being hinted as an ally to Goku and his friends. Needless to say, we're excited to see if Cell has returned with any power-ups or new transformations that can bridge the gap between the biological nightmare and the Z Fighters.

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