Dragon Ball Heroes Promo Sets Up Its Heroes' New Foes

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has seen characters and battles take place in the spin-off series that might have otherwise never appeared in the shonen franchise, with the likes of Super Saiyan 4, Janenba, and the original version of Broly just being a few elements thrown into the anime. Now, with the next episode of the Ultra God Mission set to arrive this week, another major battle for the Z-Fighters is set to take place against brawlers that might never appear in Dragon Ball Super proper.

In the previous two episodes of the new arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Ultra God Mission, we not just had the opportunity to see the Goku we've come to know fight against the Super Saiyan 4 Goku of the Time Patrol, but we were also able to see some wild battles take place such as Janenba battling Kid Buu and Yamcha fighting, or running in terror from, Frieza. With a rogue Kaioshin establishing this new tournament for nefarious purposes, assembling heroes and villains from both alternate universes and timelines, it would seem that the Z-Fighters are set to battle against her minions known as the "Warriors In Black".

The third episode of Ultra God Mission is titled "A Fierce Battle Transcending Time! The Threat of the Warriors in Black!" and a description of the installment landing on June 30th reads as such:

"After learning about Aeos' plot, the warriors rebel, but they get overwhelmed. Amidst the chaos, the second round of the Super Space-Time Tournament begins, where they are forced to battle against the warriors in black...!"

While the identities of the Warriors in Black are still a mystery, it's quite clear that one of them appears to be the Gohan from the future who helped in training Future Trunks in fighting against the androids of the Red Ribbon Army. A number of the other Warriors in Black appear to be alternate versions of Piccolo and Goku, though their backgrounds and how they aligned themselves with Aeos are still shrouded in mystery. 

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Via DBS Chronicles