'Dragon Ball Heroes' Reveals How SSJ4 Goku Would React to Ultra Instinct Goku

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series may not be part of the franchise's official [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series may not be part of the franchise's official canon, but fans have loved how its used that to go to strange places fans would not have expected.

The latest episode of the series saw just that as Super Saiyan 4 Goku reacted to Ultra Instinct Goku, and the results are as hilarious as you would expect.

As shared by @Terez27 on Twitter, the latest episode of the promotional anime series had Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta (who come from an alternate universe from Dragon Ball Super's Goku) protecting the main-universe Goku, who had been defeated by the Evil Saiyan Cumber in the previous episode of the series. This does not last long, however, as when they're pushed to the edge Goku reawakens.

Marking the return of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku to the franchise, Super Saiyan 4 Goku is impressed with how strong this new form makes the mainline Goku. At it's with good reason too, as Ultra Instinct gives Goku enough power to finally subdue Cumber in battle. He's been struggling to do so, even across multiple universe versions of himself, so this was a big deal.

Dragon Ball GT's Super Saiyan 4 form was the most popular addition in that series, and was arguably the most popular Goku form in the franchise until Dragon Ball Super introduced the God forms and Ultra Instinct state. So while fans have had a mixed reaction to the promotional anime series so far, this is a fun tongue-in-cheek moment between two of Goku's most powerful forms that would not be possible anywhere else.

If you're unaware of this arcade game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the latest digital card fighting game and the top earner in the digital card arcade scene in Japan. Developed by Dimps, the update brought enhanced graphics and the ability to play as seven characters at the same time and provides all sorts of fantastic fan-service never seen in the original series.

Episode 6 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has finally gone live as of December 22, and it's titled "I'll Settle This!! Ultra Instinct Finally Goes Into Operation!" The synopsis for the episode reads as such "After an endless fierce battle, Ultra Instinct finally goes into operation. Amidst the crumbling Prison Planet, a final battle begins with everything on the line!"