Dragon Ball: Kid Goku and Caulifla Join Forces in This Adorable Sketch

Dragon Ball Super has introduced quite a few new characters to the mythos of the Shonen series [...]

Dragon Ball Super has introduced quite a few new characters to the mythos of the Shonen series created by Akira Toriyama, but some of the main brawlers that has resonated with fans are the Saiyans from Universe Six, with Caulifla and Kale. Now, one fan artist has decided to bring together the present and the past by imagining Caulifla at a young age teaming up with a young Goku, with the two realizing that they are each Saiyans while also having plenty in common when it comes to their love of fighting and food.

The Tournament of Power was the last time that we saw Caulifla make an appearance, battling against Goku and the other combatants of Universe 7 in order to save their own universe. Fusing with her best friend Kale to create Kefla, the fused being wasn't able to ultimately defeat Goku in his Ultra Instinct Sign mode. With the alternate realities not making an appearance in either the Moro or Granolah The Survivor Arcs so far, it will be interesting to see where Caulifla shows up next, especially considering the fact that her power has grown to insane heights over a relatively short amount of time since her introduction in the sequel series.

A Reddit User shared the Dragon Ball Art by artist Salva Makoto, imagining the recent Dragon Ball Super character at a far younger age and joining the young version of Goku in the original Dragon Ball series where Saiyans had yet to be introduced to the Shonen universe created by Akira Toriyama:

While the Tournament of Power resulted in Universe Six being destroyed, it was wished back into existence thanks to Android 17 taking home the gold when it came to being the final combatant still standing at the end of the insane brawl. Wishing back all of the universes that Xeno had destroyed, 17 has definitely proved that he has left his days of villainy behind him.

Currently, Dragon Ball Super has been focusing on the fight between the intergalactic bounty hunter Granolah and the Saiyans, with the Cerealian using his planet's Dragon Balls in order to become the strongest being in the universe. With Vegeta learning a new transformation in Ultra Ego, this latest arc is proving that anything can happen.

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