Dragon Ball Artwork Imagines Krillin's Buffest Form Yet

Dragon Ball has been a fixture in the anime fandom for years now, and many of them have come to [...]

Dragon Ball has been a fixture in the anime fandom for years now, and many of them have come to adore Krillin. Guys like Goku and Vegeta are the main event most of the time, but Krillin has been in the series from the start. Even with power levels rising exponentially, the human hero finds a way to protect Earth on his own time, so one Krillin fan felt it was time for the fighter to get a power boost.

And we cannot say we blame him! Krillin has been looked over time and again when it comes to new forms. That is why the artist Kapasuso took Krillin back to his roots and had the fighter inherit a power boost that only Master Roshi can perform.

As you can see below, Kapsuso drew a black-and-white piece of Krillin powering up. The fighter is ripped even without this boost, but fans know Krillin is not this buff on the regular. His torso is bulging with muscles, and it seems like he's seen grown taller thanks to his growing muscles. Krillin is powered up so much that his forehead is popping with veins, so there is no telling how strong the fighter is.

Respect for this man [Art by Kapasuso] from r/dbz

Of course, Dragon Ball fans do have precedence for this power-up. Master Roshi has used this form several times before, and it dramatically ups his strength and mass. He used the power back in Dragon Ball to save Fire Mountain. Goku never cared to unlock this specific technique though he has since created others very similar to it. That is why fans have long wondered why Krillin never gleaned the form, so Kapasuso took care of that for us all.

Now, the only thing we need is for the franchise to do this in canon. Krillin deserves a bit of attention, and Dragon Ball Super could make room for such an aside with a bit of planning!

What do you think of this form on Krillin? Does it suit the fighter, or should he leave it to Master Roshi? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!