Dragon Ball Super's Beerus and Whis Hilariously Come to Life Through Low Cost Cosplay

Dragon Ball Super began with the introduction of Beerus and Whis to the franchise, but they [...]

Dragon Ball Super began with the introduction of Beerus and Whis to the franchise, but they probably would have been received a lot differently if they came out looking like this budget cosplay. Like Dragon Ball Z before it, Dragon Ball Super greatly expanded the lore of the franchise by not only introducing a whole new level of god but a whole multiverse full of them as well. With Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the God of Destruction Beerus and his accompanying angel Whis made their mark on the fans and the Z Fighters alike.

The two of them remain some of the most peculiar members of the expanded Dragon Ball roster because there is no real way to predict exactly what they will be doing in any given arc. In fact, this mystery remains one of the lingering questions fans are hoping gets answered some day in the future as Goku waits for his (most likely) inevitable rematch with Beerus.

But their impact probably would not have been as hard hitting if they did not look as cool as they did when they arrived. If they looked more like artist @lowcostcosplayth (who you can find on Instagram here)'s take on the deity duo, they might not have been as popular. But seeing a Sphynx cat absolutely nail Beerus is a great image. Check it out:

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Although Beerus and Whis refuse to get into mortal affairs on Earth, one of these days they will. Beerus will eventually have to make some kind of move, and it's this potential that makes the duo more exciting than anything. There might be an entire multiverse full of potentially strong foes for Goku and the others, but there's no real reason to extend that far before pulling the trigger on whatever master plan Beerus or Whis could be cooking up. They are far too crucial to keep on the sidelines forever.

What did you think of Beerus and Whis when they first showed up in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods? Are you hoping to see a rematch between Beerus and Goku someday? Are you hoping to see Whis reveal his true power instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!