New Dragon Ball Artwork Introduces Two Super Saiyan Gods

Dragon Ball has earned the right of the decades to do whatever it wants. Whether it is canon or [...]

Dragon Ball has earned the right of the decades to do whatever it wants. Whether it is canon or not, the franchise is game to try just about anything, and that was made clear when a special piece of artwork went live. The team at Dragon Ball Legends posted new artwork for an upcoming update, and it was there new promo artwork was shown of two Super Saiyan Gods.

And no, the characters in question were not Goku and Vegeta. Not even Future Trunks was shown off in the teaser. The two Super Saiyan Gods were none other than Shallot and Giblet as the pair are ready to take the form out for a spin.

Earlier this year, fans were told Shallot was getting a Super Saiyan God form, but fans did not expect Giblet to get the same treatment. This new art, which can be found below, shows both of the men powered up into the godly form. Shallot carries the powerful form easily while his twin brother looks strangely bulkier after transforming into a Super Saiyan God.

Of course, fans of Dragon Ball Legends will know how Shallot uncovered his skill to transform into a Saiyan god. The hero was tasked by Beers to train hard for the Tournament of Time, and it did not take him long to assemble enough pure-hearted Saiyans to transform. Cabba, Kale, Caulifla, Trunks, Gohan, and Goku helped the ancient Saiyan unlock the form. But for the time being, fans have no idea how Giblet was transformed. There is evidence that Super Saiyan God can be unlocked without a divine ritual, but it takes immense training to master. That could be how Giblet taps into the godly power, but fans will have to wait a bit longer for an official answer.

After all, the Saiyan is none the most pure-hearted person out there, and he does not have any on his team. It doesn't seem likely that Goku's gang helped Giblet unlock the form, so fans are left to wonder how Shallot's twin managed to tap into the ancient power.

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