Dragon Ball Report Teases Vegeta's Historic New Technique

Dragon Ball Super gave up its anime timeslot to focus on other things, and the manga rose up to [...]

Dragon Ball Super gave up its anime timeslot to focus on other things, and the manga rose up to the occasion as fans asked for more content. These days, the Dragon Ball Super manga is on fire as the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc inches near a climax issue by issue. That was made even more clear when Vegeta finally got a power boost which Goku has never seen, and a new report is teasing the unprecedented nature of the technique.

The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super will go live in a few short days, but it seems some netizens have gotten early copies of the issue. To keep things spoiler-free, fans with the alleged leaks are only summarizing their reactions to chapter 61, but the user Ryokutya has something major to say about the issue.

According to one translator, the summary says Vegeta debuts a "technique which overturns Dragon Ball's history", and that is a bold statement to make. Other translations of the line suggest that Vegeta uses a technique "that is one of the most incredible in the history of Dragon Ball." Again, these are lofty reactions to share, and fans are dying to know what goes down with Vegeta.

dragon ball super vegeta

After all, the Saiyan did some intense training on Yardrat to unlock this new power, and Vegeta has been cagey about it this whole time. Not even his additional lessons on Instant Transmission made Vegeta forget about this new power boost, so fans know it must be a good one. The Price of the Saiyan doesn't get excited often, but he'll show enthusiasm so long as he can best Goku in battle. In the past, Vegeta has done his best to simply match Goku's progress, but he has failed at every turn. This is his chance to catch up, and fans are sure Moro won't see the turnaround coming for him until it knocks him between the eyes.

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