Dragon Ball Fan Reimagines Cell's Truly Terrifying Birth

When it comes to scary anime villains, there are always some key players who come to mind. Dragon Ball fans would be amiss to forget Cell as the artificial fighter was born from a literal egg. Created to become the best fighter in the universe, Cell had big ambitions, and one fan decided to reimagine the baddie's birth with a few horrifying additions.

Over on DeviantArt, the user Lordigan wowed Dragon Ball fans with his impressive take on Cell. The artist chose to imagine how Cell must have looked coming out of his cocoon for the first time, and we are properly terrified by the homage.

As you can see below, the artwork puts a dark lens over the Dragon Ball world with its green-and-black hues. It looks as if Cell were coming out of some primordial goo, and that only adds to his terrifying visage.


Of course, things are made only worse by the fact that Cell is in high-definition. The villain is coming from you straight out of his cocoon, and he has nothing on his mind but hunger. Dragon Ball fans know Cell eats by sticking the plunger on his tail directly into people and eating them from the inside out. So if we were at this birth, we'd make it a priority to get away as fast as possible.

This horrifying rendition of Cell's birth has only reminded fans of how scary the villain is. In terms of pure terror, this baddie takes the cake for Dragon Ball. Freeza is all about ego while Majin Buu relishes in chaos for chaos' sake. But for Cell? Well, the villain is in it for the hunt, and that makes all the difference in the end.


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