Dragon Ball Star Reacts to Vegeta's Big Comeback in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super just gave Vegeta his biggest and best moment yet in the series. After so many [...]

Dragon Ball Super just gave Vegeta his biggest and best moment yet in the series. After so many years of Dragon Ball storytelling following one unbending pattern (Goku powering-up and saving the day), Dragon Ball Super's new "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc finally lets Vegeta emerge as the stronger hero, who wins the fight Goku cannot. After some extensive training on the Planet Yardrat (home of Instant Transmission), Vegeta unlocked a new technique that lets him undo any absorption or fusion technique - a critical counter to new villain Moro's life-draining magic. Fans everywhere are now cheering Vegeta on - including his English dub voice actor, Christopher Sabat!

"Woke up to #Vegeta trending. And when you find out why, you won't be shocked. As we all know, Akira Toriyama's favorite hobby seems to be torturing Vegeta fans. Haha" -Christopher Sabat

If you don't understand the somewhat mixed tone of Chris Sabat's reaction to Dragon Ball Super's latest Vegeta power-up, there's a good reason for him to be throwing a bit of shade. Dragon Ball Super chapter 61's fight between Vegeta and Moro indeed reveals Vegeta's new power: Forced Spirit Fission.

Using the Yardratian technique of "Spirit Control," Vegeta is able to forcibly extract all of the lifeforces that Moro has consumed, transforming the villain back into his decrepit old goat form. Vegeta has Moro down, and plans to take him out for good, but in true Dragon Ball fashion Akira Toriyama gives the villain one last hurrah. Moro consumes his android henchman Seven Three, unlocking a "backup" of his power, in a new fused form. Since Moro's final transformation is caused by physically eating someone, and not life energy, Vegeta is left at a severe power disadvantage that seemingly can't be overcome.

Needless to say, Dragon Ball fans have been having some mixed emotions to Vegeta's long-awaited rise (and rapid fall) as Dragon Ball Super's champion savior. As Chris Sabat indicated, Toriyama seems to almost delight in toying with fans' emotions when it comes to Vegeta. Every time it looks like the Prince of Saiyans is going to have a major moment of triumph, he usually ends up getting beat down. A perfect example is when Vegeta achieved the new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution form, during his Tournament of Power battle with Jiren. Vegeta dug into his heart and achieved the power for all of a second, before Jiren thrashed him. Seems like we're getting more of the same.

Hopefully Christopher Sabat will at least get to act this big Vegeta moment out, when (if?) Dragon Ball Super's anime returns. You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE.