Dragon Ball Finally Explains Why Vegeta Hates Fusions So Much

It is no secret that Vegeta has a thing against fusions. Despite the hero teaming up with Goku to [...]

It is no secret that Vegeta has a thing against fusions. Despite the hero teaming up with Goku to fuse when needed, the Prince of the Saiyans isn't a fan of the technique. It doesn't matter what method is used to fuse power together; Vegeta has always had a certain disdain for the concept. And thanks to Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta is finally admitting the reason why he hates fusion techniques so much.

As it turns out, the secret was revealed in Dragon Ball Super chapter 61. The update was a big one as it followed Vegeta during his rematch against Moro. This time, the hero had a new power in his arsenal after he learned it on Yardrat, and it gives Vegeta the ability to separate fused beings. That is bad news for Moro, but Vegeta was nonplussed by the idea.

"To be honest, this never sat well with me. Absorption, fusion, and all that stuff -- it doesn't reflect one's inherent power. All I crave is a fair fight," the Saiyan admitted.

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This confession comes out of nowhere, but it gives a crucial backstory on Vegeta and his reluctance to fuse. The Saiyan has always danced around his reasoning, but this new explanation is one that many felt was true. Vegeta is strictly loyal to his Saiyan pride, and that means he is not one to rely on another's power. He would rather die than fuse with someone to beat an enemy, but Vegeta has done so in the past when a defeat's consequences are worse than death. You know, such as if Bulma or his children were put into danger.

Vegeta is a sucker for a fair fight, and that is likely why he gravitates to Goku. His rival is immensely strong, but he does not pull victories through underhanded means. The same cannot be said for Moro as this new Dragon Ball Super chapter confirmed the villain had a devious saving grace in store. And if things don't get settled soon, Vegeta may have to fuse with Goku if they want a chance at beating this new villain.

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