New 'Dragon Ball' Film Will Reveal The Saiyan Race's Origins

Dragon Ball knows the new year is just around the corner, but it is not giving up until 2018 rolls in. Jump Festa is going on in Japan right now, and the annual event just confirmed the franchise will have another film debut in 2018. Now, details about the feature have been released, and it will have two things fans love: fighting and a lot of Saiyans.

Thanks to fan translators, the Dragon Ball stream from Jump Festa has been turned around for fans abroad. As you can see below, it seems like the untitled 2018 Dragon Ball feature will have a lot to do with the Saiyan race. According to translations from Herms98 and Yonkou Productions, Akira Toriyama's next film will focus on "the strongest warrior race in the universe: Saiyans."

So far, there is no word on whether the Dragon Ball film will be directly related to Dragon Ball Super or simply the franchise at large. After hearing the film's latest details, audiences are hoping the movie will dive into the Saiyan race's origins and perhaps Yamoshi.

If you are not familiar with the latter, you should know Yamoshi is the name of the original Super Saiyan God. Toriyama revealed the character's history in an interview earlier this year, and the artist confirmed Yamoshi was the Super Saiyan God whom Beerus dreamt up. Goku and Vegeta have since followed in the character's steps, but fans would be interested in seeing Yamoshi's worn-torn past for themselves. So, if they are lucky, then the 2018 Dragon Ball film may do just that.

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