Dragon Ball Fans Rate Mr. Satan's Chances in the One-Punch Man Universe

There is perhaps no bigger comic relief character in the franchise of Dragon Ball than Mr. Satan, [...]

There is perhaps no bigger comic relief character in the franchise of Dragon Ball than Mr. Satan, aka Hercule, who presents himself as the strongest being in the world but cannot compare to the strength of Super Saiyans and even other human warriors within the Z Fighters' roster, but fans have taken the opportunity to debate how this brawler might fare in the world of One-Punch Man! The anime franchise of Saitama is one that is fit to bursting with examples of strange super heroes, and it might be one where Mr. Satan is truly able to shine!

While Hercule might be a ridiculous character when it comes to battling against universe ending threats such as Cell and Zamasu, he is still insanely strong for a regular human being. First hitting the scene by ripping phone books in half with his bare hands, he is truly one of the most powerful humans on the planet, but has no idea how to wield ki, shoot energy blasts, or blast off under his own power. While his daughter, Videl, was given lessons by her future husband Gohan in order to fly and learn more about ki, Satan is still at a disadvantage in the universe of Dragon Ball!

Reddit User Fragraham started the ball rolling on the conversation regarding the fate of Mr. Satan if he were transported into the hilarious world of One-Punch Man, with fans debating whether he would become a hero in his own right or remain a con-man as he is in Dragon Ball Z:

Mr. Satan is transported to the One Punch Man universe. How far can he get? from r/whowouldwin

Mr. Satan has taken a back seat in the current series of Dragon Ball Super, mostly being shown alongside his pink powerhouse best friend in Majin Buu, though he is enjoying his current status as the grandfather to Gohan and Videl's offspring in Pan! While Saitama is a hero unlike any other, there are plenty of lower ranking heroes in the Hero Association who might not be able to score a victory against Hercule if it came down to a one on one fight.

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