Olympics 2021: Brazilian Athlete Celebrates Gold with Dragon Ball Pose

This year's Olympics had to be pushed back from their original air date of the Summer of 2020, [...]

This year's Olympics had to be pushed back from their original air date of the Summer of 2020, though that hasn't stopped a number of participants in the Tokyo Olympics from sharing their love of sports along with their love of anime. While series such as One Piece, Akira, and Demon Slayer are only a handful of the franchises that were referenced by the games and the athletes themselves, it should be no surprise that Akira Toriyama's most popular Shonen franchise has also found its way into the Olympics as a Brazillian Gold Medal winner pulls off Goku's patented move.

The Kamehameha was first taught to Goku by Master Roshi in the early episodes of the original Dragon Ball series, with the young Saiyan managing to pull off the energy attack in record time after seeing Roshi pull it off just once. Over the years of the series, we've seen Gohan, Goten, Krillin, and even villains like Cell and Majin Buu pull off the powerful energy attack, showing that Goku and Master Roshi aren't alone when it comes to the massive attack. Even though Goku has shifted into the world of the gods in Dragon Ball Super by mastering the power of Ultra Instinct, the Saiyan Z Fighter still uses the Kamehameha to this day.

Reddit User U4004 shared the recent Tokyo Summer Olympics clip that sees Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz celebrating his gold medal win in canoeing with a Kamehameha onto the stage, proving that Queiroz isn't afraid to share his love of Akira Toriyama's franchise in his shining moment:

On top of the Kamehameha gesture, Isaquias' outfit even reminded many of Gohan's tracksuit outfit that he sported at the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, wherein the son of Goku had lagged on his training and found himself on the receiving end of a beatdown by the resurrected Freeza. Luckily for the Z Fighters and the world at large, Gohan got back to training and discovered his Mystic power-up once again just in time for the Tournament of Power Arc, becoming one of the strongest members of Universe 7. While Gohan hasn't had a big role during the Granolah Arc, he fought alongside Piccolo against Moro, displaying some amazing tag-team techniques.

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