Dragon Ball Short Proves Piccolo Needs His Own LEGO Movie

The famous building blocks known as LEGO have had plenty of opportunities to enter the world of the silver screen, with previous entries such as The Lego Movie and Lego Batman landing to critical acclaim, but there's one medium that Legos have yet to enter into directly with anime. While an official Lego anime project hasn't left the ground, that hasn't stopped fans from merging the two worlds together with one creator taking the opportunity to recreate a classic moment in Dragon Ball Z's history that involves a certain Namekian reveling in his own power.

The history of Dragon Ball Z, before becoming one of the biggest series on Cartoon Network's Toonami, was a wild ride in North America, wherein the series was originally brought to televisions in the West thanks to the voice actors at "Ocean Productions," When the series made the jump from syndication to cable, the anime series received the English voice actors that we know today, including the likes of Sean Schemmel, Sonny Strait, Christopher Ayers, and more. Christopher Sabat took on the role of Piccolo for the new take on the Z Fighters, delivering an enthusiastic performance on the Planet Namek during the Frieza Saga, following the Namekian merging with the Planet Namek denizen known as Nail, which this Lego builder had recreated.

Reddit User MinilifeTV shared this ingenious fusion of Dragon Ball Z and Lego to bring back one of the classic moments of Piccolo, wherein he was able to stand on even footing with Frieza in his second form and help in saving the lives of Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, and Dende:

I made Piccolo's iconic "I CAN WIN. I FEEL GREAT." scene in LEGO! from dbz

Piccolo might be outclassed when it comes the wild transformations that Goku and Vegeta have achieved in Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego respectively, but the Namekian has still had a role to play in certain Arcs of Dragon Ball Super. Acting as a pivotal member of Universe Seven's roster during the Tournament of Power Arc, Piccolo was able to develop some tag-team moves with Gohan in the battle against Moro, which has yet to make its way from the pages of the manga into the anime, but will most likely make for quite the animated sequence.

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