Vegeta Finds His Pokemon Partner in This Dragon Ball Artwork

Dragon Ball Super has recently given Vegeta a big power up in the pages of Akira Toriyama's manga, [...]

Dragon Ball Super has recently given Vegeta a big power up in the pages of Akira Toriyama's manga, but a recent piece of fan art has given him a powerful partner in the form of the Pokemon known as Piplup! The penguin type pocket monster was one of the starter types that was first introduced in the video game generation of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, that introduced players to the region known as Sinnoh and giving fans what might be one of the most adorable creatures that have been introduced in the decades of history in the franchise.

Premiering as a part of Generation IV, Piplup had a big personality for such a small Pokemon, encountering Ash Ketchum and his friends within the anime season of the franchise, Pokemon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. Though Piplup hasn't been a part of the latest season of the anime franchise, it remains one of the most recognizable starters throughout the series. Placing the pint sized Pokemon next to Vegeta makes a lot of sense, considering the prince of the Saiyans has many similar characteristics and we'd be hard pressed to think of which pocket monster would make for a better, hilarious partner for the Z Fighter!

Twitter Artist ChimaPo001 shared this adorable Dragon Ball and Pokemon crossover, imaging what the tag team of Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince, and Piplup, the water type starter of the fourth generation, would look like side by side, ready to tackle any opponent that came their way:

Right now, in the pages of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Vegeta could really use a helping hand as the wizard known as Moro has beaten both him, and the Z Fighters, down. Following his training on the Planet Yardrat, Vegeta not only received a power boost, but also the ability to use Goku's Instant Transmission as well as a new technique that is able to undo fusions and energy absorbing in Forced Spirit Fission. With the Z Fighters having been defeated, we doubt that Piplup will be the one to save them when all is said and done!

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